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Apr 02, 2019 05:13:42

A friend

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Victoria Maung

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Today, we celebrated my roommate's first birthday in America. She said she missed her home in Chandigarh, as it was her family's first ever built house just for them. Her dad bought his workers samosas and other food back in India in celebration of his daughter's birthday in a sweet and thoughtful gesture. I wanted some of that to reflect here, so we went out to dinner and had gotten her a cake. 

Despite looming deadlines, this was an important night to remember that memories are about who we spend then with, as much as they are about degree of accomplishment. I've always suffered from mild test anxiety and always manage to study up until the last minute, for some reason. Our Indian-food extravaganza birthday dinner outing was exactly what I needed. 

The monotony of school is amplified by the four short weeks we have left before the end of the semester, and there's nothing quite as excruciating as the long wait as we approach the end--the sense that the closer I get to the finish line, the more time dilates. But I've also realized how much time I have sacrificed to studying, rather than deepening my friendships (an increasingly common theme for me here on 200WaD, I realize). Now how do I spend these last few weeks? 

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