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Jan 23, 2019 23:58:29

A diary in foreign language? My advice (2/333)

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Today I want to tell about how to keep a diary. 

Lack of practice is the biggest problem in learning a foreign language. When you keep a diary in a foreign language, your brain works hard, because you learn how to make sentences.

Pieces of advice for your diary:

1) Find time. You should do it every day in the same time. I usually start to write at 10-11pm. ("Usually" is when you do it for two days.)

2) You can keep paper or digital diary. I chose to write on the Internet because you can find like-minded people and show your thoughts.

3) Decide how much sentences you will write per day. For me, my minimum is 200 words a day.

4) Write about what you see, what you don't see, what you will see, what you saw and never will see. Also, you can write down 5-7 topic ideas and choose one of them. Don't think about it too much time.

5) I came up with an idea of the first topic for a long time because I thought that I needed to write a masterpiece. But I'm not a master (and even not a piece). I think it was a fear of mistakes. So, don't be afraid to make mistakes. It's a healthy part of learning way. You won't write well in a foreign language if you didn't do it before.

The only way to avoid mistakes is do nothing.

6) Think in a foreign language. The goal of keeping a diary is to learn how to use words and create sentences. If you translate text from your native language, you won't reach a goal and you stay just a translator.

7) Check your progress every month. Read your old notes to do that.


That's all for today. I did it again! Thank you for reading, stranger. c:

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