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Aug 07, 2019 16:57:31

A chill gust hit me and I was filled with longings for autumn | A Summer Near Westcity - v3 - 5

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We drank beer until it gave us lethargy instead of energy. Then we smoked another bowl and Jackie passed out. I was about to fall asleep on the couch when sleep suddenly felt unappealing. So I got up, drank a couple glasses of tap water, left Jackie's house, and started walking home. 

The traffic lights were blinking yellow or green, instead of the usual solid green, yellow, and red. And while walking in front of the American Apparel store, a chill gust hit me and I was filled with longings for autumn. It would be here soon. Very soon. And then just as quickly I loathed its arrival. 

School. New friends. New everything. That's what autumn had always meant for me until now. This was the first year since I could remember that this wasn't the case. My first autumn with nothing to look forward to. No more tracks left under the train. Where would I go next?

When I arrived in front of my apartment building, I stared up to the open window of my bedroom. I imagined going up and didn't like the idea of being there. So I instead went in to just brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I walked to a diner nearby.

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    haha "gave us lethargy instead of energy"

    Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Aug 07, 2019 18:10:11
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