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Dec 31, 2018 15:42:19

66 days to a daily habit

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Brandon Wilson

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I am grateful for finding 200wordsaday and the community of great people who are inspired and inspiring. It has been great to have a tool to help me start a daily writing habit. 

According to Michael Hyatt, the research shows that on average it takes 66 days to install a daily habit. I was thinking about how long I plan to keep my streak going. Some people caution against focusing too much on the streak itself. I think it makes sense to keep going long enough for the habit to stick. 70 days is a good target.

What happens after 70 days? Well, I will be satisfied with reaching that milestone and then the writing will continue. 

In the grand scheme of things, 66 days isn't really that long. A little over two months and you can firmly establish habits that you have never had before. Or you can undo bad habits you've had for years. It just takes discipline.

The beginning of the new year represents a fresh start. I don't want to get caught up in New Year's resolutions, but I do want to make 2019 a year to remember. I'm starting with a daily writing habit, and I'm going to add more habits to the list. Small changes compounding over time lead to big results. Here's to big results in 2019!

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    @brandonwilson Amazing to see your progress in developing this habit Brandon! Happy New Year

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jan 01, 2019 13:48:43
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      @basilesamel Thank you sir! It's exciting to see all the people who have big plans for 2019.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 01, 2019 15:30:07
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