Nov 30, 2018 14:02:39

6. Aim

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Once you hear someone tell you, "Nothing is impossible," what are you going to do with this information? If it's being said by a coach and you paid $2000 to hear it — you are probably going to think about it for a while and believe it changed your world. If it's just a random person on the internet like me — chances are, you will forget it in five minutes. So how do you put it into practice?

If you have a habit of setting goals, you probably heard people say that the goals must be ambitious. Right now it sounds like alchemy: if you achieved it — it may have been not ambitious, if you didn't achieve it — it was too ambitious. How to determine if a goal is ambitious enough? For instance, Google uses numbers for that, 70% achievability makes a goal good for them. My metric is different and you've probably guessed it already — the goal must be impossible to achieve. 

Aim for the impossible.

It's a motto I live by. Every day it reminds me of two things I previously said: nothing is impossible and you have to be willing to work to accomplish what you want. And it's what I keep in mind when setting goals. I ask myself, "Is it impossible? Am I willing to put work into this?"

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