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Feb 26, 2019 22:04:27

55. Positive

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Stay positive. What happens when you look at everything from the positive point of view? Well, I think it is easier to find solutions to your problems this way. You are not simply sitting in a room upset about what has happened, but you are actively searching for a solution or just move on without destroying your nervous system by reflecting on the negative accident. 

The ability to view things positively affects your problem solving. A problem: who do I want to become? When you are choosing what you want to do in life, it's easy to get negative. “I wish to do this, but I don't have money,” or “I want to be that, but I can't do this.” However, nobody prevents you from getting money or learning to do something. And if you really truly want it — you can do it if you try hard enough. 

You can solve this problem by focusing on what you can, know and have, and going from there. For example, “I learned Portuguese when I was young, so I will be able to learn Spanish,” or “I have an old bike, I can use it to deliver my homemade cookies to customers.” Being positive unveils your creativity. It opens the way to ideas, because instead of blocking them with negativity, you are fueling the brain with positive facts.

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    @zyumbik Also, I want to add to this topic:

    1) Emotions (positive, negative and etc.) is our choice. You can be upset for all day that you didn't ger umbrella in the rain, but also, you can be upset for one minute and think positively.
    2) Positive emotions affect on productivity.
    3) "I noticed that you shouldn't pay attention to negative things, because in the future you will remember that you were sad and blank, but you won't remember the reasons for this feeling. (Or, maybe you even won't remember that you were sad and blank.)" — this is from my yesterday article.

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