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Feb 21, 2019 07:00:27

53. Passion

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What is a passion? Do you have one? If you don't, do you need to find it? Why? 

I believe “finding your passion” is one of the most abused topics on the internet. If you search for it, you will find a ton of useless and obvious advices that work only if you are a 13 years old who is trying to pick a video game to play. If these recommendations worked, I would have found my passion a long time ago already.

Moreover, these articles are misleading, because they make you feel that you have to choose one passion and live with it for the entire life. That's not true at all! You are a human, and humans, unlike other animals, have intellect, willpower and the ability to think abstractly.

It's often overlooked that a passion, a strong desire or enthusiasm for something, is not something we are lacking. Instead, most of us have multiple diverse passions, but we just have a trouble choosing one. If you like to do a lot of different things — it doesn't mean you are not passionate about anything. You are passionate about multiple things, and it's totally ok! 

We play multiple roles in our lives, and due to our multidimensional personality, it's difficult to find someone who is going only in one direction (one dimension) and ignoring all others. For example, a passionate parent could also be a passionate leatherworker. A passionate musician could be a passionate salesperson. 

Instead of trying to reject the “unnecessary” passions, learn to embrace your multidimensional nature. Finding interesting ways to synergize the interests you have is going to bring all of them to fruition. And thanks to the human brain's ability to think in terms of abstract concepts, we can understand the essence of things we know, have and can do, and find unique ways to combine them.

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    @zyumbik Love this! It is something I have struggled with myself, being passionate about "too many" things. For me it has meant not finishing or even really getting started on several projects.

    But writing on 200WaD has helped me - simply with the act of writing regularly - to see that I can progress multiple projects and interests with this regular (but not necessarily every day) writing habit. It has confirmed that what most gets me going in the morning is writing - about anything and everything!

    Since I have multiple websites, I can write for those or if it doesn't fit with any of them, or I just feel like writing for the community I have this site to put all the rest of it! With the added bonus of getting more feedback than I usually get from my blog (mainly because of my lack of consistency up to now!).

    Thanks for this!

    Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Feb 21, 2019 16:56:12
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