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Mar 16, 2019 21:51:21

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Let´s keep this challenge going. Today I don't need to go anywhere but let's keep it short haha.

With the limited time,  the flow of the words just must come from my thoughts straight to this post. 

It can be good it can be bad but who cares haha.

Since Thursday is my voice broken cuz how loud I screamed when my team won the soccer game. I sound the same as I was 15 years old and my voice was changing. Its kinda funny I cannot control it.

The tea is my today's companion but so far still not improved.

Saturdays are pretty chilled so far. I 've just read some articles on the internet but otherwise just watched tv. I should do something hehe but yesterdays beer with my friends wasn't just one so I am happy I can relax today. The weekend still continues I hope I am gonna be a little more productive. I plan to work on my project, I am in the data collection phase .. need to move to another level and start coding something .. Sunday is a perfect day for it haha. Yes, I'm good in excuses as you can see :)


Stay with me. Efran

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