Feb 03, 2019 01:41:27

5 Bullet Saturday on Sunday

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What I am discovering about myself: One of the things I find weird about me is when I try to speak to describe my emotions, I can't explain myself clearly, but at the back of my mind, my thoughts are coherent.

It's also awkward when I try to spark a conversation with an acquaintance trying to be sociable and friendly, and I just make a fool out of me.

Song I'm listening to: "I miss you" by Blink 182

How I feel right now: Annoyed. Empty. Tired. I feel mixed negative emotions, but mostly empty. I feel as if life seems meaningless today. This is the first time again in months that I feel this way. 

I am thinking too much today. 

I think of my job I want to quit.

I think of what I have to do first, so I can reach my goal.

I think of being on a peaceful, sunny place laying on a hammock tied on a coconut tree.

I just want to feel peace.

New website I found on web: disroot.org

Quote I'm pondering: "I preach darkness. I don't inspire hopeβ€”only shadows. It's up to you to find the light in my words." γ…‘ Charles Lee

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