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Feb 09, 2019 00:11:37

5 Bullet Saturday

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Here's another dose of my 5 Bullet Saturday.

How I'm feeling: I feel blue, and I'm confused whether I should stay or quit on someone. 

Food I love to eat these days: Cinnamon Bread with Cheese. It tastes heavenly. I love eating it between breaks at my work. 10/10.

What I'm craving for: Just peace of mind, healing, and clarity, and I wish I could just leave things behind and don't look back. Things that I need to quit for my own good, but you can't teach your heart to listen to your mind. I guess, it will just give up when it's tired.

What I've learned: The waterfall effect  (a question type)

What I'm proud of: I'm proud of achieving 7 day streak on 200 words a day! I'm also proud of pushing through against all odds. My mental strength is a lot better than before. I don't feel as anxious, and this is a celebration for me. As I have noticed, I can now handle things much better. I also get things done even when I am not feeling overall great. I focus on what's in front of me, then I process my emotions when it's time. Kudos to myself. 

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