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Jul 04, 2019 20:40:14

4th of July

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"I'm going to set a timer for 25 minutes and we're all going to read." - she announced after dinner. So four of us grabbed a book and found our comfortable chairs.

I grabbed a new book my sister recommended from the Stanford, summer  reading list: Silicon City San Francisco in the long shadow of the valley. The book is a collection of thoughts  gleaned from interviews of people in and around the  San Francisco bay area and Silicon Valley. It's a look into what's happening and I can tell early, it's going to be an interesting  read. 

Because the people interviewed all bring  a different perspective, it's going to be diverse. But, because there are  so many  people who are both influential and willing to discuss the untenable situation developing among the disparity between the haves  and have-nots, the details will be real.

After 18 pages I figured the time must be up. I don't read as fast as I used  to and, well, it's a holiday.

I came back in and my son, who was supposed to be engaged in his own summer reading was snoring on the couch. I guess all the watermelon and cookies and warm, California weather pushed all  his relaxation buttons.

I'll get more into the book in further writings; I'm almost certain. Until then, happy Independence Day my fellow Americans.

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