Feb 12, 2019 19:42:56

47. Shower

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Do you know what's the eternal source of ideas, solutions and just amazing thoughts? Yes, it's in the title: shower. Today I felt like I need to shower more often. Not because I'm dirty, but because usually when taking a shower I am able to solve the greatest of my problems and generate a ton of new unique ideas. Today's shower was not an exception! 

In the morning I got myself a severe problem that probably wouldn't let me sleep if I didn't find a solution for it. I've been thinking about it all day long, it was making me nervous. However, when I went to the shower — even before stepping into the bath, — a magical and incredibly rational solution to that tormenting problem dawned on me! That shower didn't just relieve me physically, but also emotionally. Now I'm ready to go to sleep feeling calm and confident.

What's so magical about showers? Why do they help our brains work better? I learned this from the video by TheFutur. It's said that shower makes the brain work at different wavelengths. While we are concentrated and working, our brain is “fast”, so when we take a shower it “slows down”. It happens because the process is automatic. You don't think about what you are doing, so you can be immersed in your dreams and thoughts.

You can find yourself in a similar state in other situations, for example walking, exercising or washing dishes — I had a lot of creative thoughts during these activities too. However, in my experience they are not as effective as a shower. There is also a popular practice of meditation — this is a way to intentionally become focused on your thoughts without getting wet. I have tried it just a couple of times, but it was quite effective nonetheless. 

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