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43. Time

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The time flies. People say that the time flies when they didn’t notice some slow, but consistent process happening for a while. They didn’t care, didn’t find it interesting, or maybe just forgot about it out of pure inattentiveness. The process was happening without your attention to it, and of course if you come to it after a while you will see the progress. “They grow so fast,” says auntie Rose about the nephew who she didn’t visit since he was born five years ago. Of course! You haven’t seen him once in five years! What else would you expect?

On the other hand, time could be painfully slow — when you remember about something all the time and you are waiting for it. If you came to the first date early, you may be excited yet nervous and these strong feelings will make these ten minutes of waiting under a tree in a park into a whole hour (or it would be literally an hour if your date doesn’t come). Or if you are waiting for an important parcel, and the post service in your country (did you know we have to wait for 1-2 months for any parcel to arrive in Russia?) just isn’t that great — you might be very tempted to finally receive it. But you just have to wait. And the time is running so slow at that point, when you can’t think about anything else.

And again, there are cases when the time flies, nevertheless you pay very close attention to it. When you know something bad or not wanted is coming, you would want to avoid it for as long as you could, but sometimes it’s just not possible. You could be fighting with time — working hard to make something never happen. So you would look at the clock every minute and see that the time is ahead of you in that fight…

Don’t wait, keep calm and continue going!
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