Feb 10, 2019 19:23:49

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I don't have any inspiration for writing today, and it's very late at night now so I will simply tell you about my day. I wanted to wake up early, but I turned off the alarm and fell back into sleep until Olesya woke me up at 10. Yesterday was a very productive day, so in the evening I decided to play a bit of Minecraft. I played until 2AM, that's the reason of waking up late.

Then I wanted to continue being productive and smashed a couple of bugs that were in my code since yesterday. Then Olesya asked me when we are going to work on our project, and I decided that we should do it now. After several hours of discussion, we finally chose what to do next and started working. We needed to collect everything, every small bit of information that we created or worked on. Our hope was that it will help us understand what we have, and what we need to do. 

We were working on this for six hours and still haven't finished. However, it turned out to be tremendously helpful! I always thought that I'm not productive and I'm not doing as many things as others do. It turns out I was wrong! I have created a ton of things, designed some digital and physical products, developed some products, gave plenty of speeches, wrote many-many words, of course, did a lot of things for Figma... However, there is one problem with them: they are not shown to anyone. There are several reasons for that: some are just personal and not made to be shown, some are not production-ready or unfinished, and some are simply useless and made for fun. 

Now that almost everything I do is organized in one place, I can easily find topics I need to dig into, or things I shouldn't spend a lot of time on anymore. I'm sure my work will now be much more organized and specific. I will have less pointless and unpublished projects, as well as more finished ones.

Also today as always I've answered some questions about Figma in the Russian community. I noticed that people started saying “спасибо” (Russian: thank you) much more often. And today I think I've set a personal record: 7 people said “thank you” to me! I don't think I've received so many gratitudes in one day. Is it a gratitude Sunday today?

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