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Jan 10, 2019 19:11:26

40 Days of Writing

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Many months ago, or maybe it was a year ago no matter the time i saw a Ted Talk about making habits.

The speaker said that "To create a healthy habit and to make something a habit, you will have to do it 21 days in a row".

Then a couple of more talks said something like three weeks, 14 days, one month, etc.

I don't think that having a healthy habit is the way to change yourself.

Bare with me.

To create a healthy habit, you first have to like that habit in the first place. You have to love that thing that you want to achieve, and it should be part of you every single day.

Like waking up at 5 AM. I seriously have no idea why people are waking up at 5 AM. Why? Like when do you go to bed? At 11? But maybe it's because people want to wake up at 5 AM. But that won't surely make me feel better, because when i go clubbing i come home at 12:00 AM.

The same is with writing.

What is your end goal? Do you want to become a great writer? Would you like to have a career in writing? Or you are just doing it as a hobby?

Hobbies are nice, yes and they can even become a source of income if you would like to achieve that. And hobbies come from wanting to do something consistently, as a habit of some sort.

You can have an "amazing job," but your hobby can be the one thing that is fulfilling you, and making your life better. And that's because your hobby is a routine that you love doing.

So first thing first, love your habit that you want to create, and get on doing it every single day until you feel comfortable to find time to do that thing.

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    @berkan Congrats on 40 straight days of writing!
    Good points here. I think that sticking to a daily habit becomes easier when you are not just doing it for the sake of doing it. For example yes, I want to get better at writing. But at the same time I know that I would like to have an actual blog or newsletter one day. So 200WAD is a great way to practice writing on a daily basis and making it a habit. Keep up the writing!

    David Neuman avatar David Neuman | Jan 10, 2019 21:08:51
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      @davidneuman Yea that was my point. You have to love the thing that you want to make it as a habit, not just doing it because "it will make you feel better".

      Berkan avatar Berkan | Jan 11, 2019 13:26:02
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    @berkan Grats on 40 days streak.
    I agree that there is no point of doing something just because. Sure, it might take some time to realize it, both ways. So maybe those recommendations to stick with the habit for a while have some wisdom behind them. After a while it becomes easier. And easier things are also easier to love.

    Janne Koponen avatar Janne Koponen | Jan 10, 2019 19:33:30
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      @Arcticloon Yea i agree with you. If you do something constantly it becomes easier to do it even if you don't like that. It becomes easier because you become a master at that.

      Berkan avatar Berkan | Jan 11, 2019 13:26:55
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