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Jan 13, 2019 19:34:43

3D ants - why going to Space?

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In "Space brothers", which is manga about one brothers who becomes astronauts, there was one of biggest contraversial questions: why human being should go to space? It is not easy to answer to this question. 

The big brother, Mutta, was convinced of himself as follows:

If we were ants who can move only 1D, i.e. on the single line, and faced with one stone. We are stuck. However one of the ant with courageous mindset explored in 2D so that the 2D ant can share the way to avoid the stone. The rest can succesffuly avoid this stone by learning in 2D. 

Now groups of 2D ants faced with eternal wall which infinitely expands left to right. Again one of the brave ants who come up with climing vertically, i.e. 3D movmenet. The rest of ants also realized  the new way of solving the problem.  

The space brothers is saying that space astronauts could be N+1 dimension human who has another perspective and potentially share some solutions that N dimension human cannot come up with. Without such a concrete example, it would be difficult to convince of majority of people. Personally I would believe we need to explore such a potential. 

However, I agree with the statement that N dimesion human cannot appropriately see the movement of N+1 dimension. Sometime N+1 dimesion human seems not to move at all or move at random. But it could make sense in N+1 dimension space.

- Hiro




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