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Aug 30, 2019 23:37:22

30th August 2019

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Craig Petterson

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Today is the final day of Fixathon. The climate change hackathon that has been quite prominent on social media this month.

We failed.

We have a project idea, but we just didn’t execute it. I’m a bit disappointed, but I feel largely to blame. The problem was the project management and I feel like that was my responsibility because I brought the team together.

It was difficult though. We were all super busy. I was moving house, one of our ”mobile team” went to Sweden for the majority of two weeks, another Copenhagen, another relocating to Bristol.

It was a side project. Most of us have paying clients, families, other priorities - sometimes it is hard to prioritise a project like this. Besides, I’m not their actual boss, I wasn’t paying their actual bills. I couldn’t force them to do work. It’s been a long month, but we‘ve been busy. That’s just the way it is sometimes.

That being said, we did progress. We have a cool design. We have learn some Flutter development. We’ve managed to build an API. We’ve learnt things about our tools, about each other. The experience wasn’t wasted. Hopefully, we continue with the project now that the deadline is gone.

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