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Jan 19, 2019 22:18:16

30. Realize

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Let's summarize the strategy to fighting perfectionism that I described in several previous posts. First of all, to realize your ideas, you should realize that nothing and nobody is perfect. Therefore, aiming for perfection is kinda pointless — you can always find ways to make something better. So if you are even not entirely happy with your work, but it brings you to the goal — it's done, and you can now continue working on other cool things! And this is what this whole strategy is about:

Don't try to fix what isn't broken.

This leads us to the next point, which is setting goals. From my experience, perfectionism starts to drive the work when you have no clear goal, and you want to just make something best in the world. Unfortunately, creating something “best  in the world” takes a lot of trial and error, at least most of the time. Thus you should have an understanding of when you've reached the “perfection” in the thing you are working on even before you start.

If it's something relatively big, you can't do it in a day, week or even month. So if the goal is a long-term one, instead of going for it directly, find a minimum thing that you will need to achieve this goal — the minimum outcome. Take only the essence of what you are working on and set a short-term goal to achieve it. A “working draft” is the level of perfection you are aiming for when you start. This will allow you to build a scaffolding that will get you to the “perfect” state that you defined.

There will be more posts on this topic. And I'm still figuring this stuff out, so if you have any suggestions — I'm all ears!

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