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Jul 03, 2019 09:42:37

30 Days of Creativity

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Gabriel Greco

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I am one post away from joining #teamstreak for the second time. This follows my initial all-in period, the ensuing month-long vacation, and the intermittent posting when I came back from leave. In short, there has been enough variety in my approach to posting on 200wad that I know what works and what doesn't -for me, at least.

When you write intermittently on 200wad it feels like you're on the fringe of the community. Not quite a regular, not committed, but not a stranger either. You're that guest who surprises others by his attendance at the wedding. "Oh, we didn't think you'd come." And they all go to their tables where they sit with friends and close family while you're at the reject table, with the middle-aged uncle and his young, bimbo girlfriend, with the colleague(s) from a past job,  and the friend who happened to be in town; that motley crew of randoms who are there to have a good time and disappear again for several years - or maybe forever. 

When you write on 200wad every day, you begin to form some bonds in addition to nurturing the writing habit. The responsibility feels more real. But, if I may, there is something unsettling about it. We write every day, we join#teamstreak, we find kindred spirits on the same journey, but, is it really the same journey? Why are we here? Don't we all have different goals and reasons for writing? There is nothing wrong with that, per se, but perhaps it becomes more difficult to see the forest for the trees. 

Which brings me to the point. 

@basilesamel once said he hopes the next Tolstoy can emerge on 200wad. As much as we can all dream, that is highly unlikely. But a Neil Gaiman (who I find is an average writer, to be frank), why not? What Tolstoy and Gaiman do have in common, is that their work is creative in nature. Actually, both had a lot to say about the metaphysical realm, when you think of Tolstoy's, What Men Live By and pretty much everything Gaiman writes.  

I don't see how either of these writers' heirs can emerge on here without more creativity. Aside from several exceptions, including @abrahamKim, @philh, and @twizzle, with the heroic #fictionweek effort (I wasn't around, would have joined), there are few 200waders who actively post creative works or stories. I understand that not all writing needs to be creative, but all good writing also contains a story. 

To that end, I'm issuing a challenge: Be more creative. If you want to keep writing while aiming for something other than a streak, get creative with your writing. I want to dedicate myself to fiction for the next 30 days because it might help me be a better writer. Good writers don't need hashtags, but they need to tell stories. 



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    "We write every day, we join#teamstreak, we find kindred spirits on the same journey, but, is it really the same journey? Why are we here?"


    Abe avatar Abe | Jul 03, 2019 14:06:57
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      @abrahamKim It's almost as if that post inspired this sentence. As a famous president once said, "ask not where you fit in with the others, but where you fit in with yourself"

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jul 05, 2019 08:27:43
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