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Jun 26, 2019 20:56:56

3 things you can do in any situation

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Change it, accept it or leave it.

Overheard these wise words on social media today. I was surprised at the clarity of those words. So true, yet why does every event and situation in life feel so complex? Perhaps we are over-thinking things. I guess that's why I was surprised. I tend to over-think. And so the 3 things felt refreshing. Must note this to self more.

But of course, sometimes we can blend the 3 things up a bit. With greater clarity one can be fluid and adaptive. If you cannot accept things, you can try to change it in little ways, while at the same time, working on yourself to accept it. You can even look out for ways to leave it, even while you try to change things. The actions can be mutually exclusive - one does not necessarily have bearing on another. 

Your usual choice between the 3 things also highlights the way you are, your personality, perhaps. Prefer to change things? Maybe you're driven, not afraid of confronting issues, and usually quite proactive in initiating things. Acceptance probably means you are patient, not pushy, and prefer for things to unfold and develop themselves. Leaving might mean you're good at saying no, and firm in upholding your boundaries. Either way, it's not all-defining but telling somewhat. I tend to want to change things, and I do do do do do, until I burn out. So it's telling to me, that I need to practice more acceptance, by stopping, breathing and checking in with myself. And definitely more leaving by saying no.  

Change, accept or leave.

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