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Jul 07, 2019 05:52:56

3 More Business Skills

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Brian Ball

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Design (the basics) - the basics of any skill can be gleaned with some thoughtful observation. Look at a web site or a printed flyer and you can notice the following: 

Spacing / Layout ( draw rectangles around objects and see how they fit in the given space)

Font - usually a combination of a serif and sans-serif for contrast. Bold can also be used.

Colors - use color wheels and observations or just be inspired by well-designed color palettes.

Conversation - Yes, we live in a texting world now, but knowing how to jump on a call with somebody and have a conversation is something we should practice. Try to listen more than you talk.

Be interested and curious. That will make you interesting to the other person as we're all kind of interested in people curious about us. State what's true. Be authentic and move the conversation forward toward trust and agreement - or the potential of it.

Overcoming shyness - shy may mean un-practiced. Don't worry about your skill level in anything, we're all combinations of different skills. The person a little better than you is happy they are. The person a little worse can learn from you. Say hi, ask questions, listen for the answer. We're all human. Power suits are out, power poses are in. Make a power pose and smile knowing you've got this.

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