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Aug 29, 2019 23:10:06

29th August 2019

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Another work day. I'm working on a Stripe upgrade right now, which is causing some mild anxiety. The changes seem simple enough, but my god, what if I do mess something up and payments can't be processed. The average payment for the app I'm upgrading is over £1,000 - holy moly, even preventing just a single payment is a big chunk of change.

Thursday is the day I go to my Gran's. I thought I was going to have to cancel in order to move some boxes for trade access, but I didn't in the end. I always get spoilt at my Gran's. I had to come home a bit earlier though, more small jobs to do, more tweaks to be made.

I'm hoping to finish our Fixathon app but it doesn't seem like it. We're having super minor disagreements. I guess most pressing is the definition of MVP, but hey, we've all had a lot on besides Fixathon, so I'm happy with the progress we have actually made. I think we will continue on it after the deadline, but it would have been awesome to have actually submitted something.

I went for a late night walk with a neighbour. We've become quite chatty already. He has many app ideas and he think I'm a wizard, so I think we'll be doing some work together very soon.

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