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29. Instant

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I discovered that often, when you want something to be perfect, you want it to be perfect immediately. Or, at least, tomorrow... However, since the perfection is unreachable, going to it takes a lot of time, sometimes more than a week. At the moment I'm working for a week on a project that I thought will take me just a couple of days. Oh, naive me! So, how do you reach perfection instantly?

I believe that even if you are aiming for perfection, you have to be more realistic in terms of timing. Time is limited, and this is the reason why it's much better to aim for the minimum at the beginning. Moreover, choosing the simpler objective at the beginning will make it easier to achieve, and you are more likely to spend just 20% of effort that will, according to the Pareto principle, get you to the 80% of the outcome. Isn't it much better than spending 100% of the time for that extra 20%?

When you set a goal that is closer to you than the perfect state, think of it as of your perfect state for a particular amount of time. And when you reach that minimum perfect state, create a new one. If you are a perfectionist like me, it would be very hard to rewire your brain to aim for something other than perfection. Instead, by making minimum outcome your perfect state, you will be still aiming for perfection, just a radically different one. What's more, this level of perfection will be reached almost immediately, giving you a stimulus to go further! This is how you will climb higher and higher on the scaffolding to your goal — in small chunks, always applying just 20% of effort.

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