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Jul 27, 2019 23:53:00

27th July 2019

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We're trialling Sky Cinema right now. I watched 3 films today.

Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil and Vile

This is the fairly recent movie about Ted Bundy. It was fine, but these are more Nay's kind of films - films about true events. I think it was done quite well and there was a lot of realistic / near identical scenes, as proven by the outtakes. That being said, any film was idolises or promotes this kind of real event evil disturbs me somewhat.

The Lion King

Who doesn't love The Lion King?

This was a brilliant live action adaption of the original. I heard beforehand that critics rated the film quite poorly because it was a scene for scene live action copy. I also heard that viewers were rating it highly for the exact same reason.

I loved it.


We missed this when it was in the cinemas originally. It looked decent, but I was wrong. It's sold as a circa-Hitler Zombie film, but it just felt like two genres smashed together.

If it was just a war-time infiltration mission to demolition a tower to allow plane landings, then it would have been good. Otherwise, they needed to add more zombies and sooner.

Ultimately a poor film. Also, does the actor of Euron Greyjoy just play the same character in everything...?

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