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Aug 22, 2019 23:10:27

22nd August 2019

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Craig Petterson

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I’m writing this on my phone. Nay is on the laptop next to me and it’s hers, so I can’t complain about it...

I went to a tech meet-up called Tech Nomads tonight. It starts a bit later than other meet-ups I’ve been to, but it was fair enough away that I had a nice, slow stroll to the venue and some time to chill out and have a drink whilst messing about on my phone for a bit. It was a pimms, if you just know.

I’m getting better at mingling with a group of people. I’ve never been particularly good about initiating conversation. On that vein, I found Baz’s recent entry quite interesting!

So many interesting people are around. You just don’t know it or see it much from inside your own little bubble. You interact with the same people every day - smile at the same girl on the bus (but never talk to her), pass the same guy at the shops (but never talk to him), say good morning (but nothing else) to the same receptionist. It’s good to mix it up and mingle in new crowds.

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