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Apr 20, 2019 11:50:14

2019 Travel Log - Boulder, CO πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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Jack Lyons

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This year I am spending a few months digitally nomadding through the US with my wife. Currently we are in Boulder, Colorado and we love it. It's a beautifully positioned town right on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Boulder is well known for it's Flatirons, which are a series of sandstone cliff faces that stand as the gateway to Boulder’s foothills.

The Flatirons are part of the many beautiful rock formations within Chautauqua Park. Here you can hike around hundreds of different trails with varying degree's of difficulty. The landscape is absolutely stunning and no trip to Boulder would be complete without at least one walk or hike throughout the park.

One of my favourite trails is the Royal Arch Trail which takes you up through the forest, along a trail of moderate difficulty, to the top where you stand beneath an incredible sandstone arch. Plus you get a great view of Boulder.

Downtown Boulder is very relaxed most of the year but as soon as the summer hits it becomes incredibly vibrant. The main walking street, called Pearl St, is packed with beautiful shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. There's a healthy local scene so you'll always be able to find craft products and local produce at restaurants. The craft beer is pretty good here too, thanks to Boulder being a popular University town πŸ˜€.

One of the coolest things about Boulder is that the townspeople are so in touch with nature and really care about keeping the place clean. Because of this, it's very common for local deer, or "townies" to be spotted simply wandering through the streets and sidewalks. There have even been cases of bears downtown too. And I 100% guarantee that you will see at least one bunny rabbit bouncing about between gardens and parks 🐰.

I love Boulder because it's just so easy to be active and healthy. It's literally a 15 minute bike ride to get to Chautauqua Park from downtown. From there the opportunities for hiking and climbing are endless! Oh, and one last thing to note: because Boulder is at 5,328 ft you will notice that it's harder to breath when exercising. For most people it usually takes a couple of week to acclimatize, but I've been here over a month and still feel out of breath when doing a hard workout.

Overall, Boulder is a beautiful place to visit in the US and I highly recommend stopping by if you get the chance!

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