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Aug 07, 2019 09:00:06

2019 Travel Diary - Seattle, WA ☕️ 🍺 🦐

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Jack Lyons

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Despite the dreary weather that makes Seattle, well ... Seattle, I've gotta say - this city is cool. It reminds me of my hometown, Brisbane, because of it's Indie / Alternative / Hipster vibes. Oh, and finally, somewhere in America that actually does coffee!

Yeah, us Aussies are coffee snobs! I mean, not like in a bad way 😀 ... It's just for some reason we do great coffee down under! Well, luckily Seattle has that covered. There's a hipster micro-coffee shop on every corner. 

What makes it hipster is the music and the decor. Just like Brisbane, there's a thriving vintage scene here, especially around Capitol Hill. It's the furniture, the books and records scattered on shelves, the chic post-modern lamps and lights, the new-wave-indie-suburban-rock music playing in the background  - that's what the kids are into these days.

All in all, I'm pleasantly surprised with Seattle. The food so far has been incredibly fresh and delicious - and it's all been local and organic. I really like the fact that it's close to the ocean and the mountains. It's very green and lush. I'm sure there is plenty of amazing hiking, climbing and mountain biking out of the city.

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    @jacklyons Sounds great. Get your fill of that seafood and please any coffee except Charbucks.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Aug 07, 2019 18:28:25
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