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Jan 02, 2019 16:21:25

2019 Goal

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I just review my 2018 yesterday and gonna set my 2019 goal today.

1. Lose weight and be healthy, the weight issue has been my struggle for many years and I really want to get rid this from my bucket list before I m 40.

2. Generate proper income and if possible recover 50% of my loss on my previous company. I have a good start bring forward from my last year, but freelance is not always a stable income, I really going to generate profit from some products this year.

3. Build Products, continue to build products. I try to build 6 last year, but only manage to build 4. I want to build more this year, at least 6 products and it should have all kind of products, for example like saas, mac app, mobile app, productize services etc.

4. Build positive habits, for example, read more books and write more post. I want to build more positive habits so that I don't burn out so easily.

5. Pick up more techs, there are quite a few techs like Vue & Tailwind, or even some scripts like Gravity CMS / Statamic that I really want to pick up and maybe can use how I build products this year.

What I try to do is make all goal relevant, for example, I build good habits to eat healthier or doing 7 min workout, it going to help me lose weight. I try to pick up new tech and it helps to build new products and maybe it will help me to generate more income.

Looking forward to preparing myself for the 40.

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    @knight best of luck with your goals! :)

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jan 03, 2019 14:19:55
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      @basilesamel thanks buddy.

      Knight avatar Knight | Jan 03, 2019 15:42:52
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