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Jan 16, 2019 22:03:47

2019 as my Last Year

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I only have a year to live. What am I supposed to do with this so little time? Oh 2019. How do I make you the best year ever?

I guess, I'd start by being nicer to my parents. I realized I'm such a lazy child. I owe them everything for giving me the best that they could give me, and the right thing to do is to give them my best.

I'd also invest more in experiences by going out more to new places every month. Would I go broke? I don't think so. It's only a matter of setting the budget properly. And money doesn't matter anymore when you're dying anyway. 

I'd also live life more in the present. Half of my life was spent overthinking and living on edge, and I do not want my last year to be like that. One of the biggest antidote to worrying is also asking myself if this is useful. Buddha would surely say no. 

I would definitely go to band concerts this year. I have such a natural inclination toward bands. I grew up listening to Simple Plan, Greenday, Blink 182, Sum41, All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Bowling 4 Soup, and a lot more including bands I discovered just a couple of years ago such as One Ok Rock, Mayday Parade, and Neffex. Their music helped me push through when my life was going down the drain. So, if there's one thing that I'm very grateful that I'm alive is that I get to listen to these bands. 

Then I'd also spend more time with people who truly care about me. In fact, this is the most important thing to me: making time for people I love and who love me back. What about those who don't really want the best intention for me? I'd wish them the best, but I'd want to cut ties with them. My last year on earth should only be filled with positive energy and positive environment. 

What would be the other things I'd like to do? A lot more:

  • Write a book
  • Give back to community
  • Eat authentic sushi in Japan
  • Go to Vietnam
  • Experience the best kind of love
  • Be more flexible and tolerant
  • Go on hiking

My last year shall be filled with fantastic memories. So, if I die, I wouldn't have any regrets. All this is only hypothetical. But it gives me perspective on how I'd live my life. 

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    @yaki I do not know the reason of your dying but if there is any possiblity to extnend your life, please try to reserve Sushi Jiro, which takes more than 1 year to get a seat so that you might live longer. (it is also hypothetical answer)

    Hiro avatar Hiro | Jan 17, 2019 04:20:44
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      @hiro hahaha thanks for the suggestion Hiro! I appreciate it. :

      Yaki avatar Yaki | Jan 17, 2019 06:02:50
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