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Feb 08, 2019 19:44:40

200 Words a Day sucks

by @zyumbik | 700 words | 145🔥 | 166💌

G̷͕̳͝l̴̨̟̏̃̆̚e̷̳͇͖͑̔b̴̞̱̦͕̼͇̔̽̀̽͒ ̸̈́̆͒̀̉ ̵̨̪̈́̒Sa̴͇͊b̵̨̅͆i̶̖͑̄r̶̩̘̊̒̕z̷̟̀͑y̴͚͉̎͘à̸̃͜ͅn̶̤̲̜͊͐ỏ̵͈͔̑v̴

Current day streak: 145🔥
Total posts: 166💌
Total words: 52806 (211 pages 📄)

I just realized that this platform that people on this platform generate so much content while it's a relatively small community! It's amazing, because we live in the information age — the time when the most valuable thing is information. Can you imagine? We all generate a ton of value together!

Sorry, the title was a clickbait. This place is awesome! 

I just checked the open metrics page of 200 Words a Day (by the way, the stats are superb) out of curiosity. Here are some interesting calculations for you (yes, I love statistics): 

  • Data from the page: Total users — 2324; Total posts — 4268; Total words — 1289899; Average words / post — 302.
  • Words/user ratio: on average one person wrote 555 words on this platform. It means that most people probably spend just two days writing 200-250 words and then lose the streak. It would be interesting to ask them why they decided to not continue writing. 
  • Words written yesterday: 24268 (WHAAT? 24k words per day?! Incredible!) — and just 76 posts. With this amount of words per day we are writing a whole book in just THREE DAYS! Jaw-dropping!
  • Words per user yesterday: 319 — very good! By the way I wrote 314 words yesterday. Almost average! Maybe this place will eventually become 300 Words a Day? 
  • Active users percentage yesterday: 76 / 2324 = 0.032 = 3%. If you know someone who started writing here and stopped — kindly tell them to continue!
  • Words yesterday / total amount of users: this one was particularly interesting to me, because it shows how productive everyone in the community is. Turns out that if we count all users on this platform — they wrote just 10 words on average. Not surprising with just 3% of active users.

Now imagine if there were 5% active users. Not a very big growth, right? But what impact would it make on the total amount of words written per day? With the same rate of 319 words per user on average we would write a bigger book in just two days! Because if 5% of us were active — we would write 37k words per day, instead of 24k. (24 * 3 = 72; 37 * 2 = 74) Exciting, right? 

Yeah, 3% of active users kinda sucks... I would love to find a way to make more users of this platform active. 5% is a terribly difficult to achieve but a fascinating number! If you have an idea how this could be achieved — leave a comment here.

Comparing to other platforms

I'm very curious to know the similar stats for Medium and Twitter. How many words do people write per day on these giant platforms? And what is the words per day per total amount of users ratio? Does one user on this platform create more value than people on other platforms? Are we more productive than they? 

According to some suspicious websites, 46% of users are active daily. I think they are counting this percentage among the monthly active users, not the total registered ones. This brings us to 150 million users active daily. There are 500 million tweets sent daily. The limit is 280 characters per post, and with the average length of a word in English of 5.1 letters (+ 1 character for space) — we know that on average you can write a maximum of 45 words per post. But we don't need that number, because I just found that the typical tweet is just 50 characters long, which leaves us with just about 8 words per tweet. So users tweet 4 billion words per day. That's a lot of books! However, with almost 50% of daily active users, the daily amount of words divided by the number of monthly active users is just 12 words. And what if we take all registered users, not just the monthly active? I'm sure the rates will be quite different. Unfortunately, I don't know the amount of monthly active users on 200 Words a Day or the amount of total real users on Twitter, so my findings of 10 words per user per day on 200 Words a Day and 12 words per monthly active user per day on Twitter are not comparable. They are pretty close, and I think If I discover the amount of monthly active users on 200 Words a Day it will outweigh Twitter by a lot. We are a very productive community!

Do you love statistics like I do? Keep on writing!

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