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May 21, 2019 21:50:09

2. Relationship between regions and taste

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This post is Part 2 for "Coffee as a weekly theme" as my exercise to meet my epistemic curiosity. I would like to try to learn and gain something not shallow but cumulate and weave the knowledge over the week by writing a series of posts.

Today, I will research about the coffee taste and regions. I am not that picky about the region although I am not a big fan of sour coffee. Also, I usually do not choose any added flavor like fruit, chocolate, or hazelnut. 

According to Coffee Bean Selection, as for taste, technically it is not about taste but there are similar aspects to be considered as a part of drinking experience as follows:  

  • Acidity - sourness
  • Aroma - flavor, fragrance of coffee.  
  • Body - how well the coffee coasts and sticks to the tongue. 
  • Balance - a balance between acidity and mellowness
  • Finish - after taste

Now it is about the region where coffee comes from. I originally tried to find the generic description of the taste by region but one wrote that there are multiple variables that influence the taste other than region. So this generalization would be not appropriate. 

  • Central America - "these coffees have a degree of acidity" 
  • South America - mostly known for Columbian coffee, less acidic.
  • Brazil - strong nut, chocolate flavor, 
  • Kenya - tomato-like acidity
  • Ethiopia - a very berry flavor like strawberry or blueberry
  • Indonesia - smoky and toasted flavor

Without being told what the coffee tastes like a fruit e.g., berry, tomato, lemon, I am not sure if I could tell such a slight difference. But I am curious about how "lemon" or "berry" flavor tastes like.  


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    @hiro thanks for this! Learned something new about the different aspects of drinking experience. And yes, the regional taste can differ, even within a plantation. For me, the regional tastes are the most fun part of drinking it. It's like a game, trying to taste and guess the flavour.

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | May 22, 2019 20:03:10
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