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Apr 05, 2019 06:54:14

2 Project ended this week

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After my March busy schedule, this week 2 of my freelance project is coming to an end. Both are contest based project that's why the project doesn't end when it launch, it ends when the contest end.

Project F is a project that I build with WordPress, Woocommerce & Metorik on Kinsta, so the website is telling about the contest detail, after understanding the detail if the user would like to join the contest, they need to a buy a contest starter kit, which is managed by Woocommerce. 

Woocommerce has been used to control the whole buying process flow, payment, downloading contest starter kit and issuing an invoice. One of the issues, when you try to sell virtual product through Woocommerce, is if you added new files after the purchase, the new buyer wouldn't see it. There is one plugin out there to patch it so that the new user will see all the latest added files, based on my understanding this feature initially removed it due to it doesn't scale because of heavy database queries issue.

Another issue is to serve all these download huge media files; I use Digital Ocean Spaces to offload it. It seems like I use a wrong setting in Woocommerce from the beginning, every files the user download, not only consume my DO Spaces bandwidth, it consumes my host bandwidth as well, after changing the file download method to redirect to fixed it.

Since this is an international contest and quite an important project, I use Kinsta hosting for it; it's quite an expensive managed hosting but good. There is some issue between me and the support, but it still one of the best-managed hosting, everything is fast because of the Google Cloud and developer friendly with Git & SSH support. Lucky they don't charge by bandwidth because they charge by Visits, this helps me when I have the double bandwidth over usage issue in the beginning.

Other then Woocommece, I using Metorik to manage the communication with contest starter kit buyer. For example after new files added or When the is FAQ updated,  I schedule the email notifcation to sending out to all buyer.

Going to talk about the other project that ended this week tomorrow.

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