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Aug 18, 2019 22:10:01

18th August 2019

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Craig Petterson

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Today was another busy day. These kind of days will end soon. Manual labour isn't my thing. I'd probably be better at it if I did it more, but I don't. I'm not strong, I'm not particularly healthy - although I'd progressing, but I am a trooper. I'll do little jobs, but I'll just keep going and going until it's done.

We finally managed to remove all the crap that we had just thrown in the garden. Bathroom tiles, wallpaper, plaster, general junk. Thank god it's all finally gone!

After our trip to IKEA yesterday, we put up the desk we bought today. In standard IKEA fashion, we had a few arguments, but we did manage to keep the number of arguments in single figures.

After a quick visit from my parents, we headed home for a late evening meal. Steak and chips! Delicious. A nice big glass of gin (filled with fresh strawberries) to wash it all down. It went down a treat.

I'm now at my computer completing a few of my daily habits.

I'm hoping to pair on some Fixathon work before I head off to get myself ready for tomorrow. A long shower is in order.

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