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Mar 14, 2019 22:06:03

15 minutes post

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Sport fans the feeling when your favorite team plays you just count the minutes until the start of the game. The nervousness is getting higher and higher. 

Be a fan is sometimes hard. If you choose a bad team it's always hard, haha. You pick your team usually during your childhood. You can inherit it from your parents or just simply decide alone. It depends on which team you played by yourself or it's just the closest team in your neighborhood. 

This decision goes through all your life. If you are not a sports fan you cannot probably understand but it is deep in your heart if you are a true fan you cannot pick every year a new team but you just follow your favorites until the end.

You hate the best rivals and they hate you. You can get really tough times at school as well. Just because of your favorite team. The fights can take a place but the heart is stronger than common sense...

This post was written in 15 minutes during the soccer game break. Let's take one more beer and wish for the successful ending of my team game. 

Oh my god, I am so nervous haha. 


Stay with me. Efran.

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