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Mar 25, 2019 07:52:39

#12weeks: An amusing thought about anxiety

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A couple of days ago I was thinking about the resistance I experience when it comes to performing certain tasks, and it became clear to me that the difficulty of a task is more to do with my preconceived ideas about the task than the actual task itself. 

I come to the task (if I show up at all) with a defeated attitude. I hold myself back, get in my own way, and amplify the level of difficulty of the tasks I want to complete.

What would happen if I don't think about the difficulty of a task and simply show up with excitement and curiosity. I want to interact with the task itself, not my thoughts about the task.

On the day I was thinking about this I had a meditation class, and one of the participants expressed her anxiety towards planning her move to a different country, and how she got a new dog and the logistics of flying a dog are much more complicated than flying humans. 

As she was expressing her feelings an amusing thought came to mind: What does the dog feel about all this?

He's probably not stressing or worrying at all. 

Granted, he's not playing any active role with the preparations. But this situation solidified the idea for me of how we create our own emotional experiences based on the thoughts we have about an event before it happens.

Pets and children can help us tap into a more peaceful state when we realize they don't overthink things or dwell in the past or live with future expectations. 

What tasks or events are you stressing over, and how can you approach them with fresh eyes?

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