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Jan 13, 2019 01:51:03

11 basketball tips from Kobe Bryant

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Notes from Kobe Bryant's autobiography: Mamba Mentality

1) Practice a thousand clutch shots in your practice, so when it's game time and you need to make one, it's just another one of your practice shots.

2) Know your opponents' defensive strategy. Does he like to block shots? How quickly he can recover? Do they like to contest shots? With that you can be mindful of where you attack from.

3) Efficiency in footwork. You need to get to your attack spot in or or two dribbles. Give the defence limited amount of time to react and conserve your energy.

4) Understand that the screener is always the threat. Watch how a screener set his screen. Once you know where on the court they like to set screen and how they do it, you can plot your offensive defense to get around it.

5) Understand your teammate's strength. Does your big man like to score under the basket? Does your teammate like to catch the ball using his left or right hand? Create opportunities and make passes to their dominant hand. Which direction does he like to drive? Set the right screen so he can do that.

6) Know your opponent's offence. Does he like to use his body to make contact? Lean backward at the right timing to put him off balance. Does he like to pull up for a jump shot whenever he catches off a pass? Contest it.

7) Use your arm and put pressure on opponent's back and put your legs behind his when he's back facing you. That way you minimize your opponent's ability to drive past you easily.

8) Boxing out under the basket is crucial. You can box out more effectively by placing your hip beneath those of your opponent. That way you can after their position by exploiting their weak points.

9) Notice when your opponent likes to pull up and shoot. Use your hand to swipe the ball away whenever he goes up.

10) If you want to turn left or right, you have to start by looking and leaning your weight, starting with your head, in that direction. It’s the same thing with your feet on the basketball court. You can also use this to sell a drive.

11) If you opponent's is extremely good with his right hand and likes to drive to his right, place your left hand close to his right when he's dribbling with his left land. The same for vice versa.

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