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May 22, 2019 15:37:37

10 minutes sprint of writing

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I am very busy today and I don't have time to write two hundred words today. So, I came up with idea that I can set ten minutes timer and write, write, write until the time will be gone.

Ten minutes. It means than I must write twenty words per minute. It feels not complexity task, but writing 200 words per ten minutes feels difficult and not possible kind of task. 

It shows that every big tasks and goals must be breaking down into small pieces.

Also, to write these words for ten minutes I must be in focus and look on only monitor and forgot about another world that exists around the computer.

I always write two hundred words for a long time. And it's a new experience for me. Maybe it will be my the most fast 200 words.

I guess that I wouldn't be in time, because it becomes difficult to think in English under time pressure. I can't remember some words.

It's a small stress. And this stress is healthy a bit, I guess.

What can a human write for 10 minutes? It's just ten small minutes, but it would be interesting to read thoughts, a stream of thoughts.

I wrote it for 8 minutes 30 seconds.

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