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May 16, 2019 22:44:51

10 Club

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Craig Petterson

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I saw a tweet recently:

Goal for your 20s: Find your “10 Club”
Your 10 Club is a group of 10 people you want to work with later in life. They should be kind, ambitious, and generous.
Travel together, meet their families, and attend their weddings. Get to know them.
Massively valuable.

I'm almost 30 and definitely feel like I've missed this. I don't have my 10 club, but (very recently) I have built a collection of people I can talk to about many things.

I had an awesome evening hanging out with a colleague tonight. Granted, I'm very tipsy, but he is definitely one of these people. He even said my writing improved since starting 200WAD - it felt great to hear!

This tweet got me thinking though. Who is in my 10?

I think this is funny, because the people you are closest to aren't necessarily the people you interact with the most. Also, this list suggests people you want to work with... does that change things?

I'm going to avoid names, but I think they are (in no particular order) as follows;

1) My partner

2) My university mentor

3) The colleague I spent this evening with

4 & 5) My best friends

6 & 7) A couple of designers that offer their invaluable advice

8) My current motivator

... It seems that I have a couple of spots open. 

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    @craigpetterson - I need to do some drink-wording -- this is deep.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 16, 2019 16:57:42
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    @craigpetterson shit, that's actually really hard to think of 10 people. I'm 30 now and definitely agree with this advice. I wish it was easier to keep in touch with people but it's so annoying that "life gets in the way", and the fact that it becomes incredibly hard to make genuine friends the older you get.

    Granted though, I've made some incredible connections overseas, who I may have only met once, but would consider them friends, but obviously its so hard to all be in the once place at the one time!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jack Lyons avatar Jack Lyons | May 16, 2019 16:56:28
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