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Feb 21, 2019 08:31:13

1. Schedule

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I have just returned to my place about 10 days ago. I spent the winter break at my parents house doing absolutely nothing. Surprisingly, it contrasted to my own nature as I love being occupied and constantly tinkering with whatever is my current interest. However, that time, I decided to do something different. I did nothing. And by nothing, I mean waking up, playing video games until I am exhausted then I fall asleep. This was on repeat for about a month.

However, since I am back to my regular routine now, I have to think about a schedule. It is not easy to come up with a sustainable plan because fifty percent of my schedule is decided by my classes. I also have problem with diverse interest and indecisive so, to tackle this problem,I started to ask myself a very important question.

" What do I want to learn and do this semester?"

My answer was, 

Within 6 months, I must attend all classes, I must get front-end certification, conversing in basic Portuguese and polishing my writing skill. 

As I have managed to identify my priorities, I created a schedule that will allow me to reach my goals. So, apart from my classes, I set 2 hours every Monday- Thursday learning to code, 2 hours every Monday-Thursday learning Portuguese, and Friday exclusively to brainstorming business ideas or catching up with old projects whilst doing my homework or assignment. 

In between of that, I try to put 30 minutes exercises, 1-2 hours relaxing before I go to sleep, and 30 minutes to reply important e-mails and online tasks. 

During the weekend, I am mostly using it to pursue anything outside my main goal and current interest. On the side, I am also trying to catch up with friends since especially most of them are abroad also parents who live thousand miles away from me. 

Anyway, If you ask me how much I sleep in the day, it's ranging from 5-8 hours. 

What's your daily schedule looks like?


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    @macchiata that's awesome to hear that you've set yourself a schedule. Remember that things never go as planned in the beginning and you have to be flexible, and not give up if you didn't follow the schedule for a couple of days.

    As far as I'm concerned, I don't a schedule. I wake up late and go to bed late (it's 12:30 now). I don't have energy to wake up early and fix my sleep schedule. And it's a shame because my most productive time is morning. I just need to get my shit together as they say it, but I have no idea how. The ideas that I have about focus and passion certainly help but that's not enough.

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      @zyumbik I am easily upset when things don't go as the original plan. It has been a journey for me to be more flexible because by nature, I am uncomfortable with even with simple changes. Like you said, I shouldn't give up when my schedule don't work for a couple of days which I didn't these days.

      If you have managed to find your productive time, you should work towards switching your sleep pattern. I have been a night owl for years and my sleep was wacky. I didn't feel good about it so, I started exploring ways on how to switch my sleeping pattern. Such as reducing my electronic consumption and training myself that "people can wait" since I love helping people answering their problems, listening their ideas or anything.

      "what caused you to stay awake at night?"
      "can you do something about it?"
      " can it wait?"
      "how important is the tasks?"
      "is there any rewards I get from this? either monetary or non monetary?"

      usually those are question I ask myself...

      macchiata avatar macchiata | Feb 22, 2019 03:05:04
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      @macchiata thanks a lot for sharing your experience and ideas on how to solve this problem. I believe it would help me.

      If the schedule doesn't work for you — try changing it and trying different things until it does. Like every other thing it has to be learned, and usually you can't do the radical change of yourself in one day.

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