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May 20, 2019 23:34:30

1. A better way to brew

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This post is Part 1 for "Coffee as a weekly theme" as my exercise to meet my epistemic curiosity. I would like to try to learn and gain something not shallow but cumulate and weave the knowledge over the week by writing a series of posts.  

To brew better coffee, here are the aspects that we could care:

  • Water temperature
  • Coffee to water ratio
  • Brewing process and timing

Note that I tried to focus on what we could change by learning them, not just buying a nicer tool or buy better water/beans. Of course, water and beans are one of the dominant factors, grinding by ourselves would be a far better way to buy pre-ground beans. But let me first focus on what could be better in the same condition. 

Water Temperature

Water temperature should be around from 195F (91 C) to 205F (96C), but not boiling temperature 212F (100C). Most of the website recommends using a thermometer or pot with a temperature controller. If we do not have one, here is the approximated solution. 1F decrease per 12 seconds according to "Manipulating Your Brewed Coffee: Temperature", which means that 7F decrease can be achieved by 84 seconds

By pouring the hot water into a cup or drip, the temperature drops to 150F ~ 170F. So it would be better to warm up the devices before brewing if you have the time.

Coffee to Water Ratio

Most of the websites recommend to weigh the coffee beans, not measure by volume. But approximately 1 level tablespoon is around 4/5/6 grams for coarse/medium/fine beans respectively. Water 1ml is 1 gram. Based on that, a good ratio would be around 1:15, which means 1 level tablespoon of coffee with 75 ~90 ml of water. 

Brewing process and timing

There are two major steps: bloom and brew time. Bloom is the preprocessing time to release the carbon dioxide before the main process. We need to add minimal but sufficient water around twice the amount of water to the coffee and wait for 30 seconds. The main brew time could be tricky. It can vary from 2 min to 6 min, which I was surprised at since this is too broad. At the end of the paragraph in "Manipulating Your Brewed Coffee: Brew Time", the author compare the coffee taste with different brewing time with having a range of 100 seconds, he or she said all of these brews were tasty.


I am now excited to brew the coffee the next morning to try out and see if I can taste a slight difference by the above tricks.  


I also found the references that could be useful in the following posts:

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    @hiro You didn't mention how you are brewing the coffee. French press? That's what I use along with fresh ground beans, filtered water, and an electric tea kettle that gives me 200 degree water.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 21, 2019 07:26:33
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      @brandonwilson ops, it was biased by my experience that I personally only brew the coffee with paper or metal filter by hand drip... my ex-roommate had an electric kettle to control the temperature, which was good. That is one on my bucket list.

      Hiro avatar Hiro | May 21, 2019 21:56:34
    • 1

      @hiro If an electric tea kettle is on your bucket list, we need to raise your bar of dreams. :)

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 22, 2019 08:02:40
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      @brandonwilson lol, I was told a similar thing before. On that time I was new to the US and cook almost every day, going to "chipotle" was the treat for me when I achieved a milestone.

      Hiro avatar Hiro | May 25, 2019 21:52:19
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    @hiro educational! Thanks for writing and sharing it!

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | May 21, 2019 21:44:39
    • 1

      @jasonleow This episode was fun to write. I learned as well. Great to hear you also found something educational.

      Hiro avatar Hiro | May 21, 2019 21:57:39
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