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May 02, 2019 10:00:02


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Brian Ball

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On a fun day in May, there are 22 people standing in the entrance to the Church in St. Michaels Square. These people come from around the globe to attend the meeting on this day and yet they're not talking about God and religion. They're talking about the colors of black. 

It's a black hue meeting. It's what these people have been shedding their lives over the last 3 years about since Mr. Black himself announced to the world that black isn't a color. He made some reasonable arguments but it didn't sit well with this group. They are, what you might call, skeptical. They have reason to not believe. 

And here, and now, they are talking about it. They're discussing it. They're questioning what it might be like for their reality to be removed and replaced with a different one; a newer one.

What if black isnt' a thing? 

Is it just semantics? 

Is it provable? 

Could you prove to me and my mind that black is not a color? What about dark mode? 

What about #000? 

What are those if not black? 

When you turn off the lights and you're out in the desert and there's no moon or star light to be had - what is that thing? 

I've been calling it black. And now, in your Ph.D. and your Tweetstream and you're online argumentation with millions of supporters, you're saying it's not real. I've been living in a fantasy world and, I'm not alone — there are 21 more people who were willing to travel to discuss this and set the record straight. 

What do you call that? 

If it's not real, why are we here? What does real even mean? If we just question everything from thoughts to language to the color black, what do we end up with if not doubt and argument?

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