Wiener Moderne - part 2

Published on May 28, 2019

I realise it would make sense for me to have a specific approach in the way I am going to tackle writing about the Viennese Modernism movement. As I wrote yesterday, one of the main distinctive traits of this movement was the obsession with the individual. More specifically, it seems like every writer, artist, or scientist involved in this movement was engaged in some form of deconstruction (and tentative reconstruction) of his or her identity, thereby questioning established social values and traditions.

I believe it would be very interesting to put into relationship this epoch-specific line of thought with the way our current younger generations (do we want to call them millennials?) are dealing with the image they have of themselves, the image they wish to project, and their need to belong. Asserting one's individuality is definitely one of the main issues people, especially young people, have to deal with in our current ultra-connected societies. In times of important social changes, the individual struggles to find his or her place in society. 

This is going to be the prism through which we will analyse this movement, and I can already guarantee you that we will end up finding some very interesting and relevant pieces of philosophical wisdom along the way.