When a 2 Minute Jobs Takes 2 Hours

Published on Jul 25, 2019

I hate it as a developer when you think a task will just take a couple of minutes but ends up taking hours, if not days. It's so incredibly frustrating when you know the task should be simple, and yet it turns out to be a monster. When this happens I get incredibly stressed out.

This happened to me last night and again this morning. Yesterday all I had to do was swap out an image on a page, but because the server configuration had multiple layers of caching from various plugins competing with each other, I was never able to see the changes. What should have taken 2 minutes ended up taking a large chunk of my evening.

This morning it was a little different because my client and our API provider are in talks about how to properly handle errors and edge cases when requesting data. This has already lead to a couple of rewrites  to the API service as well as the front end UI. Every time we think we  are close there is always another case that crops up and ruins my life.

I know I will learn from this and it should "hopefully" make me a wiser developer on future projects, however at this moment in time, it sucks!