What I see myself in 5 years time

Published on Dec 26, 2018

When I was still a kid, I love to build stuff with toys or anything that can be used in to build with. From using legos or any toys that I have, to create something out of it such as to create a house, a boat and especially airplanes. I love creating paper planes too. All types of designs and hoping that it could fly when I throw them. Doing this actually makes me want to be a pilot at that moment.

When I started schooling, every first month of the school year, the form teacher will give a form to fill up our particular details. One section of it includes my occupation of what I want to be when I grow up. We will have to fill in three options. At this time of my age, I love watching anything related to science. So becoming a scientist will always be my first option, then pilot will be my second and my third option is always random. From police, to astronaut, to engineer. I can't blame myself for being too ambitious since that is what most children dreamt to become and they are the hottest job at that era without technology yet.

As for today, I am now a Software Developer. It is something I have never expected but I love doing mathematics, probably this is why I became a software developer. Whatever that I have dream of to be in the future never actually happen in reality. So if I were asked what I want to see in myself in 5 years time, to be reasonable, I hope to be financial stable if not freedom to support my families.