Unpaid Roles -- Don't Exist

Published on Jan 20, 2019

People love to throw around statements like ‘money isn’t everything’ but when you examine their anxieties and actions, there is dissonance. They act against their long-term interests because there is no immediate payoff. There is so much we can be doing everyday to pay us in the long run, money-wise and life-wise, but we often wait for someone to pay us to do something, to be a certain person, to get our ass off the ground and get to work. There is no such thing as unpaid roles because I don’t view the world only from the context of money.
Money is a huge part of our lives, but that’s all it is: a part of something bigger called life. And in this thing called life, there is always payment, whether positive or negative. That little thing you do today, whether paid literal money for it now or not, will end up paying you back or robbing you later based on what the little thing is. Time exponentially compounds everything. Don’t let this fear of not collecting an immediate paycheck prevent you from doing something if you really do want to do it or if you know it’ll aid you in the long run. 

People with anxieties about unpaid roles are either suffering from too short term of a perspective or are being unrealistic -- greedy -- with how much food they can fit on their plate.

This is how I’ve fallen victim to such in my past.