The Wolf

Published on Aug 18, 2019

Chances are you've never been to Westcity. But it's guaranteedthat you'll have known a place similar to it. A no name place that requires no visit. If you've been to one no name city then you've been to them all.

This place is a despicable place. A dirty place. A place with big dreams but little hope. A place with little confidence in the things we were taught as good. The education system. The justice system.

This is a place with many problems, but you wouldnt know just how much by a mere glance. Most people cant see the true rotten core even after living here their whole lives. They get too fixated on small problems like potholes and the teacher student ratio.

But there is a rotten core to this place. This is a sick place. Filthy. Disgusting.

There are many such cancers, but most arent worth reading, let alone writing, about. This isnt about one of them. This isnt about a fat baby boomer parking his wealth into villas just outside the city.

This isnt about a suit behind tinted glass of a black towncar. This isnt about a leisure sipping wine behind the stonewall that tourists sometimes point to remarking in awe. Those cancers are so obvious.

This is about a little known cancer. One that breathed and walked amongst us in such plain sight, that nobody knew.