The Weekend

Published on Dec 1, 2018

The weekdays have ended and the weekend has finally started. Me as a full time software developer with many ideas and side projects in my mind, the weekend is where I will have the most time to concentrate them on. Which is what I actually did right after I woke up in the morning.

Once again, the basic routine, make the bed, shower, breakfast and off to my desk. After an hour or so of hacking around, I noticed that I have been draining brain juices throughout the whole weekday. So I stopped what I am doing and slacked a little around by reading other people's writing here at and even read through what I have written. One of my writing actually triggered me, it was the one about mother nature. With an extra thought, I actually asked myself, that I should spend more time outside. With that saying, I stopped whatever I am doing and actually went out.

I always believe in sacrificing time to do what you love to get your dream come true. It is okay to sacrifice time for that but it will never worth even a single second if things are affecting my health. Draining my energy throughout the week may not do anything at first, but if I would continue doing it, negative results may appear. 

Everyone deserves to always take a time off and enjoy life while you still breathing. Happy Weekends everyone!