The Pitch

Published on Sep 16, 2020

Each week, two marketing agencies go head-to-head to win a client. You are there from the beginning starting with the "brief." The brief is the first meeting with the client where you receive the assignment and can ask questions about the client's goals and objectives. You then follow each agency as the various roles and departments work together to formulate creative ideas and a vision that will meet and hopefully exceed the client's expectations and win the business. At the end of the week is the pitch. Each agency formally presents the campaign and materials, and in the end, only one agency is selected to represent the client. The winning agency receives a contract that will lead to lasting work. For the agency that loses, it was all for nothing. All the effort, work, and time goes unrewarded. 

What a cutthroat business.

This is the premise of a show I found on Amazon Prime called The Pitch, which first appeared on the AMC network. What has surprised me about this show is that I'm often wrong when I try to predict which agency will win. This is a world I know nothing about, but the show presents a fascinating look behind the curtain of the world of high-stakes marketing for large corporations.