Talia's boyfriend as a puppy

Published on Oct 9, 2019

Before that semester ended, I was his girlfriend. Facebook official and all. I won't even mention his name because it barely lasted, but for nearly two months, I didn't need to go to free events anymore. 

It's quite miraculous how fast he and I basically came to live together. After the first time we hung out on a weekend, we ended up becoming basically inseparable. He had a place of his own, but he had roommates and he preferred to stay at my place. And my one bedroom apartment was more than enough for the two of us. Plus he always took us out to meals and paid without ever making it awkward. 

It wasn't like I was that infatuated with him. It was more a right time thing. That winter was cold, and as it grew colder, the events with free food became less attractive while hot meals like hearty stews became more appealing. Plus it wasn't like I didn't like him. I did. Just not enough to justify dating according to Moriah's standards. But he was nice. And quiet. And kind of funny. But all in all, it felt more like he was my dog. A cute puppy who happened to feed me.