Talia buys herself a meal

Published on Oct 7, 2019

I knew I couldn't go on dates just to eat forever. So I was naturally trying to figure out a longer term solution. For a moment I did consider getting a job, but then I guess I kind of fell into a relationship instead.

He was nice. And I'd never gotten to talk to him all semester, but we said hello to each other maybe every other class whenever we happened to leave or enter the classroom at the same time. 

The first time we hung out and subsequently got to have a conversation was right after class. It was one of those days where he and I happened to leave the class at the same time, and so we found ourselves walking shoulder to shoulder, down the hallway, and down the stairwell, and then outside until he joked that he wasn't following me.

"I'm going to Baker Ave right now."

I told him I was too.

"What are you going for?"


"Oh." We walked a few steps more. "Do you know where?"

We ended up eating at Chipotle. And I paid for myself. We sat and spoke for maybe one and a half hours before he said he had to head to another class.